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Seed Cutters

Excel Potato Equipment provides two different models of top quality potato seed cutters rounds and long variety russet potatoes. 
Our 3-cut model, which is built for both types of potatoes, is the most versatile seed cutter on the market with the ability to cut both round and russet potatoes with a single machine.
Excel also has a wide range of parts for new and used equipment.

Seed Cutter Features

NEW Soft Urethane Sealed Rollers
NEW Soft Urethane Sealed Rollers

100 Chain On All Seed Cutters with 1 1/2” Diameter Shafts

LED Lights on Top & Bottom ​2 - 4' LED Lights 1 - 8' LED Light

9 Pre-sizer Rolls with It's Own Quick Adjust (19 Sizing Rolls Total)

Hydraulic Adjust Sizers Sizer rolls hang on a bracket giving the ability to change fingers easily when worn or broken. Live Hydraulics on Sizers 12 Sizing Rollers on Lower Side

Wide Hopper Belts and/or Chains in Elevators. Potatoes will dump on sizers more evenly giving the customer the ability for better sizing.

Quick Adjust Chip Roll Sizing

Side View of Disc Knife Shaft 1 1/2" Shafts on Traveling Roll Drives. Top and Bottom Disc Knife Shaft. Disc KNoives on a 3.5" DOM Pipe with NO Flexing on Disc Knives.

Double Chip Eliminating Table

10 Sizing Rolls on Top (19 total)

VFD Power - VFD Soft Start Drives, Variable Speed on Main Drives, Hopper Elevator, Reverse Rolls.

Additional Features Not Pictured

  • Variable Speed Cutting Tables & Sizers

  • Variable Speed on Reverse Rollers

  • AC Controllers - UL Approved Wiring

  • Electric Safety Eye Shut Off

  • Limit Kill Switch on Coulters

  • NEW Knife Sharpeners

  • Remote Wire for Seed Treater

  • Rock Protection (Slip clutch on drives, safety limit switch on top disc knives)

  • Stainless Steel Coulters Knives

  • Two Axles

  • 4 - 10,000 lb Leveling Jacks

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