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Seed Treaters

Excel Potato Equipment provides two models of top quality seed treaters:

Powder and a Liquid-Powder Combo

Our liquid/powder combo model is the most versatile seed treater
on the market giving you the ability to treat your potatoes with both a
liquid treatment and/or a powder treatment with a single machine.


Our treaters eliminate chemical and dust into the air - protecting
you and your empolyees. 

  • Combo Unit Reduces Cost of 2nd Unit

  •  Less Bruising - No Tumbling

  •  3 Spray Fog Nozzle

  •  Variable Speed Control of Powder

  •  No Chains & Sprockets-Safer & Quieter

  •  Variable Speed Control for Potato Flow

  •  Auto Calibrating Spray Pump

  •  10” or 12” — High Capacity Auger

Seed Treater in Process

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